Could you use a couple of extra hands on your oilfield, even just for the day? Martin’s Inc Services is standing by ready to help with roustabout crews. Our knowledgeable crews can set up well heads, maintain pumps, and more with efficiency. Whether you need assistance with road reconstruction or maintaining your oilfield equipment, you’ll never have to worry about reliability at all. Call Martin’s Inc Services and just let us know how many people you need and when. We’ll take things from there!

As part of our professional oilfield services, our roustabout crews can handle both small and large concrete jobs on your oilfield. We can take care of wall cementing and any other concrete or dirt construction you may require. We know that you want to work as efficiently as possible, so we do all we can to help in that regard. For quality oilfield services in the Odessa, TX area, call Martin’s Inc Services today to get started.

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When you need oilfield services for your job site, choose the professionals at Martin’s Inc Services. Proudly serving Odessa, TX and the surrounding area, our company has the heavy equipment construction tools and vacuum truck services you need to make the most out of your oilfield.

At Martin’s Inc Services, we understand that a well-equipped team is essential to any oilfield operation. Whether you are interested in hiring our roustabout crews or need vacuum truck services, you can count on things running smoothly. During the drier seasons when water can quickly become a precious commodity for oilfield owners and operators, our vacuum truck and hydro excavation services can help you efficiently move water from point A to point B. When it comes to oilfield and dirt construction services throughout the Odessa, TX area, we offer a variety of services including:

  • Dirt Construction
  • Construction Elevations
  • Road Construction
  • Site Remediation
  • Hydro Excavation (Hydrovac)
  • Oilfield Services
  • Project Management
  • Construction Planning 
  • Build Site Analysis   
  • Land and Resource Management
  • Demolition assistance
  • Construction Negotiation
  • Construction Administration
  • Site Research Estimation 
  • Cost Estimating
  • Roustabout Crews
  •  Heavy Equipment Construction
  • Backhoes & Vacuum Truck Services
  • Battery Construction
  • Field Operation
  • GPR Ground Penetration Radar
  • Tunnel 
  • Boring
  • Horizontal Drilling HDD
  • HDD: Our services cover studies, engineering, navigation planning, and management of the pipe that will be installed inside the drilling.
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Robotic Welding

Entrust all underground work to us. Take advantage of our deep knowledge and wide experience in civil and industrial construction. Hire our team to proficiently work on all of your requirements today. Give us a call to inquire about our oilfield services and schedule an appointment.